Frequently Asked Questions

What does open-enrollment mean?

Open enrollment is the period of time that applications will be accepted to be enrolled.

Do I have to pay tuition?

No, the school is tuition-free.

Are applicants screened for admission?

No, because we are a public school.  We only require an admissions application form be completed by each interested student and returned to us.  Once admitted, enrollment documents will be required for proof of residency and a Pre-Attendance Conference will be scheduled to ensure each student and family thoroughly understands the expectations of the school.

When will the lottery occur?

If we receive more applicants than we have available vacancies for, then all applicants in an oversubscribed grade will enter a random lottery to determine admission to the school.  A waiting list will be established for those not selected in the lottery.

What are Imagine’s Measures of Excellence?

Teachers and parents understand that test scores alone do not measure how well a school is performing.

At Imagine Schools, we believe that operating a successful school requires constant attention in five important areas that we call Measures of Excellence:
• Parent choice and satisfaction
• Adhering to shared values
• Academic achievement
• Positive character development
• Economic sustainability

We work hard to balance accomplishments in all of these areas, because a school that emphasizes one while ignoring another will not thrive.  In addition, we add a sixth Measure of Excellence, new school development, because starting and operating new schools enables us to fulfill our mission to help more parents and guardians educate their children.

What are Imagine’s Shared Values?

Shared values are at the heart of who we want to be. Three particular values guide our work as an organization:

Integrity. Integrity means wholeness, or how things fit together. In the school setting, it means that we must balance the teaching and modeling of character development and academic achievement.

Integrity drives us to live the same values outside the school as we do inside.  It requires us to give the same priority to the wise use of resources as we give to developing virtuous character and attaining academic success.  Of course, it also means living up to our commitments to students, parents, and the local community.  Integrity requires freedom mixed with responsibility and accountability.

Justice. Justice means to each person what he or she deserves and to each person what is appropriate.

Since each student, employee, parent, and organization with whom we interact is unique, each must receive special treatment. Justice does not mean sameness or equality, but that everyone is treated uniquely and appropriately.

Fun. Imagine Schools strives to create the most fun and successful schools possible.